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Our Mission: About Us

To support humanity's greatest & most pressing scientific endeavors by providing broad access to computing power like never before.

The epidemics and disease that plague humanity from the common cold to leukemia and the unanswered questions of the universe and mathematics are the primary pursuits of many researchers around the world. Fortunately for everyone much of these answers could be hidden in the models we can generate and render with computers. 

Unfortunately not everyone has access to or can afford time on computers big enough to render these simulations within a few decades or even in our lifetimes. Here at Fringe Computing, we are driven by a single goal: to provide super computing power to research labs and universities - for free - all while being powered by green energy sources. We aim to make a difference and you can help us do that.


Energy produced from renewable sources come in and are stored in a battery bank. This energy is then later used to power our data center


Researchers from around the world compile a list of work that needs to be computed and uploads this to computers on the grid. Our data center is one such recipient 


Our data center computes the workload for the day and transmits the data back to the researchers who sent the work

Answers & Cures

The completed work is then used by the researchers to progress their work at a fraction of the cost it would have been had the cost of computing time come out of their budgets

High Throughput Computing Explained

The Science Explained

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