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Why do your contribution's break down the way they do?

Our contributions break down the way they do to support the workloads needed for computation. They can fluctuate from once a day to once a month. So, on week one we may be mapping the Milky Way galaxy and on the next we may be contributing entirely to cancer research. Our "duty roster" is entirely dependent upon the needs of the research at the moment.

Do you support the research of private companies or for-profit labs/pharmaceutical companies?

No. The research programs and researchers of whom we support are mostly housed by universities or are government funded by way of NSF grants and public support. Our focus is on our specie as a whole and not on the pursuits of any single for-profit establishment. For-profit research is not within the scope of our mission profile.

Are you a 501(c)(3)?

Short answer: Not yet... Long answer: We ARE a nonprofit however when we inspire the support we need for us to give researchers around the world a means of broad access to High Throughput Computing we will then file with the IRS to be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and continue moving forward as a tax exempt nonprofit. Leading up to the news of our success in this proof-of-concept we will then begin putting together the prerequisites needed to complete the filing and keep all of you updated about this exciting news along the way. Until then your contributions are not tax deductible and we are liable to pay our share of taxes as well.


Do you do any of your own research?

We do not. We merely provide the computing power necessary for research labs and universities across the globe to accomplish their goals. We are experts in computing, they are experts in their respective fields.

When will you be offering STEM courses?

Our desire to share our experiences and many blessings with any aspiring mind is absolutely at the top of our list. However the experience to be shared must be carefully thought out to implemented effectively if we are to be successful in any of our educational pursuits. At this time we do not have a date of availability for a local, remote, or downloadable STEM experience - but stay tuned!

I'd like to send you a check instead of using PayPal. How can I do that?

You can download the printable PDF in the "Get Involved" section or download it here

How do I know what hardware I can donate?

You can email us and we should respond in relatively short order - Expect a need for hardware that is less than 3 years old and either computer or electrical/solar applications.

What about your old hardware? Where does that go?

Our old hardware, when finished, will either be compiled into working computers and donated to schools or other nonprofit institutions or it will be donated to the researchers in the scope of whom we serve. Not a single component goes to waste.

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