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The epidemics and disease that plague humanity from the common cold to leukemia and the unanswered questions of the universe and mathematics are the primary pursuits of many researchers around the world. Fortunately for everyone much of these answers could be hidden in the models we can generate and render with computers. Unfortunately not everyone has access to or can afford time on computers big enough to render these simulations within a few decades or even in our lifetimes. Here at Fringe Computing, we are driven by a single goal; to provide super computing power to research labs and universities - for free - all while being powered by green energy sources. We aim to make a difference and you can help us do that.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach is broken down into 3 parts: STEM, the redistribution of recycled components, & community education.

Our STEM program is constructive for all ages and backgrounds where students, who when immersed in our lab, are brought up to speed as to what kind of technology it takes to progress our science to the next level.

The redistribution of recycled components is simple: all the hardware that we are no longer able to use will be compiled into individual computers and donated to schools and nonprofits in the area. We do not see any reason why our blessings could not be shared with others.

Volunteer computing is not just a science issue but a human issue. If just a fraction of the world’s population were to donate we could accomplish in a matter of months what would take us decades or even a century to accomplish. Part of our program is to explain the use of volunteer grid computing and show you how you too can make a difference.


YOU can make a real difference in the fight against cancer, AIDS, MS, & ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. Just as well your contributions will directly assist in the search for dark matter, extraterrestrial intelligent life, and habitable exoplanets. From mapping our atmosphere to mapping the orbits of the Milky Way galaxy. Help us dive deeper into researching malaria and climate change and with it projecting rainfall and runoff to better identify markers for impending famine & world hunger. Your contributions directly help the research who's funding cannot afford the required amount of computing time. Together we can bring our specie closure to our most debilitating diseases and answer our biggest questions.

Image by Perry Grone
Image by Christian Wiediger


Virtually 100% of every donation goes directly to power or computing grid development and maintenance which is key in keeping the Fringe Grid online and available.


With your hardware donation we can turn out more computing power, quicker, for the grid network. For hardware that is not quite what we need to efficiently accomplish our mission we will assemble complete computers and donate to non profits and academic institutions


You can download BOINC and participate on one of the same networks that Fringe Computing does with your own laptop or desktop. Click the link for more details

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“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

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